Friday, November 24, 2006

The Washington-Rochambeau Revoultionary Route

Q. I have seen road signs in Middletown and Providence that have a red, white and blue shield, also the letters W3R. Also sometimes the words Washington and Rochambeau. Do you have any idea what they are all about?

A. The signs represent the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route. 'W' for Washington and the '3R's for the rest.

The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route commemorates the joint efforts of the French, under the command of General Rochambeau, and the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. W3R traces the campsites and the pathways traveled during the three-year presence of the French Expeditionary Force, depicting their march south to the climatic battle of Yorktown and then their return north.

As for the signs in our state, the RI Rochambeau Historic Highway Commission is working with RIDOT to place 100 wayfinding road signs along the W3R in RI. The website said that the signs would be in place for the June 16th - 18th 2006 celebration.

Source: The Washington-Rochambeau Revoultionary Route,

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