Thursday, April 26, 2007

Medical conditions

Q. As a reference librarian, what is your best, most current resource on medical conditions?

A. Two concise books on a wide range of medical issues are the Complete Guide to Symptoms, Illness & Surgery by H. Winter Griffith and Professional Guide to Diseases. These are user friendly, straight forward guides for the health care provider and consumer. The library does have more in-depth medical encyclopedias such as The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine and Human Diseases and Conditions.

Also readily available are a number of health databases which can be accessed through our website,, with a library card number: Alt Health Watch focuses on the holistic and complementary approaches to health care; Health Source covers topics from general health, to nutrition, child care and sports medicine; Clinical Pharmacology deals with U.S. prescription drugs, herbal medication and nutritional supplements. These are just some of many good health resources in the West Warwick Public Library.

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