Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Setting up a Twitter Account

Q: I’m new to social networking; how did I set up a Twitter account?

A: Twitter is a useful tool and easy to learn. First, open your internet browser and go to http://twitter.com. Then, click on “sign up now” and follow the instructions to set up your account. From your homepage, you can search for people, companies, and businesses and follow them by clicking on the “follow” icon on the left hand side of their profile.

For great Twitter tutorials, click on and go to:





Twitteroid Blog

Once you start to enjoy using Twitter, check out these neat websites:

Bit-Ly : A handy URL shortener

TweetDeck : A personal browser for Twitter with an improved userface for better tweeting

Twitpic : Use this to easily share your photos on Twitter

Twitscoop: A trendy platform to substitute for the basic Twitter page

Tweetup: Create your event on Tweetup and publicize it online

Twopopular: Popular twitter trends

Twitter Directory: Popular Twitter users to follow

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